Christopher R. Gillespie, owner

  • My professional experience includes Concordia Media Productions (Audio Production Manager recording classical and jazz music editing,) Delta Records (Assistant engineer of choral recordings,) and Audio Consultants (Sales and system design for residential audio and video systems.)
  • My current recording system uses Logic Pro X. I also have experienence on SADiE, Digidesign ProTools, Steinberg WaveLab, Steinberg Nuendo, Sonic Solutions Classic, and ProTools.
  • My microphone and outboard gear collection allows for a full range of recording projects, styles, and technique.
  • My recording and editing experience includes solo instrumental and voices through large ensemble recordings.
  • My education includes ear training and orchestral score reading.
  • My collegiate studies in music theory, history, composition and saxophone performance.
  • My musical tastes range from classical and jazz to indie rock.