Album recording (example)

On-location recording and full production for release. Session master is delivered digitally for approval. The client is guided through production process and collaboration of album art.

Concert / Recital recording (example)

On-location stereo recording of your concert or recital. Session master is delivered digitally or on CDR with minimal editing and audience taper. 4 hour minimum with 1 hour setup time.

Community, school, church, or not-for-profit projects

I will consider special pricing for local schools and community projects in order to further music performance and education. Please contact me more details.

Why produce a recording?
A recording…

  • provides an archival document of a unique performance.
  • can be used to document and assess the progress of the musician or student.
  • can help teach musician(s) to critically listen and provide the opportunity to evaluate from a later perspective.
  • is a valuable memento of a live event.
  • can be used as a promotion product for the musician.
  • can be used as a fundraiser for organizations.

My Goals:

  • I concentrate on capturing the live event with all possible accuracy.
  • I attempt to recreate a natural sense of the original acoustic.
  • I capture the full dynamic range of the performance.
  • I seek to capture the event in order to convey the most musical experience possible.
  • I focus on tonal purity and accuracy.
  • I allow the technology disappear from the music making, leaving the performers and producers to make music.

Payment Terms:

  • Live concert payment due at time of service.
  • Forms of payment accepted:

◦ Cash
◦ Check
◦ PayPal.